We are proud to announce that the 2018 Progress in Paper Physics Seminar will be held in Lodz, Poland, September 23–27, 2018.

Presentation, promotion and information-sharing on the most up-to-date fundamental research and knowledge related to a wide range of topics:

  • structure and properties of fibres, fibre network and fibrous materials
  • microstructure of fibres, fibre modification, bonding behaviour
  • physical and physicochemical mechanisms
  • testing methods of paper structure and paper properties including modeling and simulation
  • materials used for paper modification (e.g. NC, MFC)
  • paper-based composites

Results will be presented by the world's leading scientists in paper physics.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Tetsu Uesaka (Complex Materials Group, Department of Chemical Engineering, and FSCN Mid Sweden University)

Important dates:

  • 20th of May, 2018 Submission of detailed abstracts
  • 1st of June, 2018 Acceptance of abstracts
  • 20th of July, 2018 End of early-bird registration
  • 15th of September, 2018 End of registration
  • 23rd of September, 2018 START of the Seminar

Please contact us via e-mail: ppps2018@info.p.lodz.pl

Seminar flyer can be downloaded from here.

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